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Name:Richard + Kahlan
Website:Official Site
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated

Warning: This community may contain adult content

Welcome to Richard_Kahlan! A community for Richard and Kahlan both as individuals and a couple in the show Legend of the Seeker. Post your fanworks, thoughts, and musings here!.

This community focuses on the characters of Richard and Kahlan of Legend of the Seeker. Post your Richard-centric, Kahlan-centric, and Richard/Kahlan things here!

We accept fic and media that is about Richard and Kahlan as individuals as well as a couple. So long as the fic/art isn't about them as part of a different pairing, it's fine. Example: A fic about Richard stealing apples from Zedd's garden = AWESOME. A fic about Kahlan realizing she's gay and in love with Cara = Noooooooooooooo. We will however accept threesome fic, so long as R/K are a major focus and part of the threesome. 

1. Please be respectful of other members. Help us keep this a safe space. If you feel something has gotten out of hand, contact a mod.

2. Use every tag that applies to your post. This includes categories, like !fanart or !fanfiction: pg, genre, and user tags. Need a tag that doesn't exist yet? PM a mod, or see the Request a Tag link in the sidebar. Fanfiction about R/K as a pairing should use the 'genre: ship' tag, and fanfiction about them individually should use the 'genre: gen' tag.

3.  All ratings and genres are welcome on any fanworks you would like to post. But we ask that you please post RPF elsewhere, as this isn't really the appropriate place. Also, fiction that is heavily based on the book series is not permitted. Influence from the books is allowed, but the fiction must be primarily based on the show. We use the same guidelines for that as lotseekerfic . [guidelines here] This is to comply with the wishes of the author, Terry Goodkind.

4. Use an LJ cut if the post is really long. Ask for help if you need it. We were all there once! You can find an FAQ HERE.

5. All fanfiction, vids, and picspams must be properly labeled with at least title, author, rating, warnings, and summary. There is a sample header at the bottom of this post. Feel free to use it. For art and icons place the art behind a cut if it is above a PG-13 rating.

6. All posts containing potentially triggering material must comply with the WARNING POLICY, found HERE.

7. Don't delete your comments unless you're doing it to correct a typo. Be sure you want to say something before you hit the 'post' button. Also if one of the moderators comments on one of your posts as a moderator to remind you of a rule, etc, please do not delete or screen that comment. Also do not delete or screen the comments of other members that comment on your posts. If something is objectionable, notify a moderator.

7. Spamming is fine - you can make as many separate posts as you want if they are about different things, but if you are going to post more than two or three updates of the same thing in one day, please put them in one post. <3

8. Try to keep it clean since we allow minors to be members of this community. Put appropriate warnings and ratings on all content. 

9. Post whatever, we like everything! Promos for other groups are fine, so long as they can obliquely relate to our comm somehow! (I.E. Fic fests, other LotS comms, actor comms from the show, you get the idea.)

10. If you are posting something you did not make, please credit the original author/artist, or at the very least say you don't know who made it, but it wasn't you!

Richard_Kahlan operates on a three strike system. Three warnings will be given for any rule breaking, and then disciplinary action taken that is appropriate for which rule was broken. This is up to the mod’s discretion. Fortunately, we’ve yet to have to give anyone three warnings!

The mods may re-interpret or change the rules at any time without prior notice to address concerns that arise.

Need to contact a mod? You can PM us, or see the Page a Mod link in the sidebar.

Mods are: pristineungift, mercscilla .




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